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The Palette

     I wanted to let everyone know of the exciting changes that have been taking place this year! I have enjoyed tremendous success this year! This is in no small part to the continued support of my friends and follower.  The biggest news is that I am going to have one of my original patterns featured in Painting World magazine.  Those of you familiar with the world of artistic expression can truly appreciate the magnitude of this accomplishment.  This is a world renowned publication within the painting community and it is with a grateful heart that I express my sincerest gratitude to Painting World for this tremendous opportunity. The work is entitled "Sweet on You", so be sure to check it out.  I hope to have this creation as well as others available for purchase on our Etsy site as soon as possible.

     It would also be remiss for me not to acknowledge my appreciation for the continued success I have enjoyed this year at local Arts and Craft shows. I am utterly amazed at the outpouring of support from the patrons of these shows. Many tell me they come to these shows just for me. Thank you so much to any and all who came to show support!

     Oh, and by the way, to any of you who live in the area of Graham, NC, I am currently the resident artist at a local shop called Rugged Renewal.  You can find them on Facebook. This is where I continue to have a following of my creations, which are repurposed textile bobbins. It is through this medium that I am able to create something new by incorporating some local history.  These are limited edition seasonal decorative items. You can check out some of my past creations within my gallery page.

    I continue to be grateful to God for the tremendous gift He has bestowed upon me!  Thanks again  to all of you for your continued support in pursuit of my dream and happy painting!