Welcome to bunny hollow designs

hello everyone!

‚ÄčGrowing up in western PA was truly an inspiring experience.  Being surrounded by such natural beauty is what made me begin to realize my God-given talent. 

After years of putting aside my passion and essentially suppressing the gift He bestowed upon me, I began to pursue the wonderful world of Decorative Artistry.  After ten years, the product of much self-instruction and a few formal classes has allowed me to realize my dream and express my love of God by using what's been given to me.

I've always held a strong belief that we were put on this earth to use the talents that we've been given. That's why I'm so passionate about painting.  I've always painted of useful things (i.e. old crates, stools, chairs, etc.).  Discovering things that were once an eyesore and turning them into something beautiful creates a situation where everyone's a winner!  Painting animals and nature scenes is my specialty, since I grew up in a rural area and have always enjoyed living there.  Expressing my talents in this way also allows me to be closer to God, I truly feel I'm giving back some of what He  has given to me.

I truly hope these works will bring you joy and somehow bring you closer to the One who has  made
my dream a reality.  God bless you all and thanks for visiting!